Participate in the new data economy

by making data

Building Data Provenance can foster open-innovation.

Our technology ensures that the data transmission channel is secure, tamper-proof, and traceable while significantly reducing server costs. These mechanisms enable IoT sensor companies to build more resilient devices that have significant power management advantages and create higher quality data-sets that can later be monetized.

We are creating a flywheel effect on IoT adoption, frictionless AI/ML integration, the creation of higher quality data, and data monetization.


Data provenance is crucial for companies to truly benefit from using AI/ML technologies. Without data traceability, why would a company build AI applications and/or create ML models using untrusted data sources?

Quantum safe data transmission channel

We've created hardware tools for a quantum-safe data transmission channel, enhancing security, ensuring data provenance, reducing operational costs, and generating higher quality data, more valuable data sets for monetization.

Military grade encryption

Our platform provides quantum safe encryption that is lightweight and is specifically designed for low bandwidth devices

Data Provenance

Don't trust your AI/ML model unless you can prove your data source. Our hardware device creates these trusted environments

Data-Centric Value Creation

We assist companies in adopting IoT devices to provide greater business insights while generating high-quality auditable data, enabling them to generate revenue from their data while off-setting their IoT acquisition costs

Privacy Preserving Data Marketplace

IoT devices can help you gleem data to help your business operations but they are an expense to your operations. Instead, why not monetize the data that you generate to off-set your IoT sensor costs without exposing your personal or business IP?

"More companies would share their data if there was a way to do it without compromising their IP or losing control of their data and if they were properly compensated for their contributions."

We solve both of these problems.

Use Cases

Our platform can work with many businesses, organizations, and industries

Sharing data and participating in the data economy is not limited to a just few industries or sectors, this is a global problem and our platform works for all businesses. Our platform becomes the value creation engine for your business.


Data Sets Published


Rows in the Data Sets

We offer curated services to help companies onboard to our platform. We can help you identify the value of your data and make recommendations about how to improve your data sets.

We have also partnered with world class AI/ML companies who can help you analyze your data to make more informed decisions. Our “Common Good” principles means that the companies that we partner with also share the same beliefs and vision on this new data economy.


The engine behind our platform enables us to be multi-tiered, resilient, and robust. Read more to find out how our tooling can help your company find its next opportunity or securely collaborate with “untrusted” parties.


IP Portfolio

United States Patent and Trademark Office

System and Method for Secure Data Messaging using a quantum proof encyption method for IoT devices within low bandwidth spectrum.
National Phase Entry for Canada, United States, Australia, and the European Union.

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Data envelop™ is a trademark which we have registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to describe how we send data securely from devices.
Trademark number: 2025085.

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