Take control of your data.

mPowered is a blockchain-based platform that puts YOU in control of YOUR data. We act as data brokers between Data-Centric AI/ML Companies and with data publishers who want to share data in a privacy preserving manner.

Data democracy is finally here.

Take control

mPowered act as Data Brokers between the buying and selling of data

We enable a frictionless experience in order to amplify and accelerate the new data economy. We use Web3 tools to improve data quality and focus on data-centric solutions.

AI/ML Companies

Having bespoke, curated data is more important than having just troves of data. AI/ML companies can use our system to find high quality datasets that reduce the friction associated with data use. By the time, a company purchases a dataset, its already been cleansed and can be easily consumed.


Farmers generate vast amounts of data using precision agricultural machinery and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors throughout their operations. Most corporations view this data as their property, not the farmer’s. We want to change that. mPowered encourages and rewards data sharing at all points along the supply chain, from farm to table.

Data: A New Asset Class

The mPowered system facilitates the exchange of data. Our proprietary algorithms validate the data, establish its value and make it available for purchase, according to the data owners’ instructions. Data consumers - including marketers, university researchers, & corporations — will be able to search for data and gain full access to the data they need while fostering innovation and participation in our ecosystem.

Distributed Ledger Technologies

We’ve partnered with some of the best blockchain companies in the world and have an interoperable and omni-channel approach to how we do business. We provide traceability, transparency, and trust for all stakeholders involved in our ecosystem.


Hardware Software Data Centric AI Cryptography


"Emeka" (eh-MAY-kah) is the name of our proprietary data-interchange protocol. It’s named after a friend who was able to make unlimited connections regardless of age, gender, and background. We’re inspired by these principles to make boundless data exchange a reality.


We created our own bespoke distributed ledger technology in order to democratize data by empowering people with ownership and control over the data that they produce. Simply put, we democratize data using a transparent, decentralized ecosystem that doesn’t require trusted third-parties. This is done via Web3 tools and our close relationship with Ocean Protocol.

Data-Centric AI

The future of AI & ML will be in not just in the creation of models but in how companies obtain high-quality datasets. Data-Centric AI will be the future of this space. By using our toolsets, you can reduce the time and effort cleaning and preparing datasets. Having a curated datasets will amplify this space.


Cryptography, in its simplest form, is a way of disguising and revealing — or, encrypting and decrypting — information through complex mathematics. We are creating novel cryptography techniques to make sure that we are protecting user identities, ensuring trusted transactions, and securing all information and storages of value.

About Us

mPowered is a distributed ledger technology created by leading software engineers and machine learning specialists in response to growing concerns about a fundamental lack of fairness amid the hype of the data revolution.

They created mPowered to promote and support the development and continuous improvement of a global data-sharing ecosystem that is accessible, decentralized, trustworthy and guided by the vision of empowering people to take back full ownership of their data.

Launched in , mPowered’s first use case will be the global agriculture system. Farm enterprises generate vast amounts of data about everything from seed and feed purchases to water and fertilizer use to barn temperatures and animal health and well-being. mPowered’s data marketplace will enable frictionless data exchange using the latest Web3 tools and privacy-preserving toolsets.

The mPowered ecosystem will generate MORE valuable, validated data to broaden and deepen our understanding of the state of the global food system, while making sure the rewards for creating that knowledge are shared fairly among all participants.

Strategic Advisors

We are advised by a group of world class disruptive leaders who are helping democratize data. They amplify the core tenets of our ecosystem and help guide us in our direction and focus. Each is a leader within their respective domain and they come from different countries, backgrounds, and fields of expertise. Collectively, we converge into creating our mPowered ecosystem and helping businesses understand the value of data while changing the status quo.

Dr. Laura Liu

Dr. Laura Liu

Dr. Michael Ngadi

Dr. Michael Ngadi


Our ecosystem is powered by the following developers

Joel Sotomayer

Joel Sotomayor

CEO & Co-Founder

Corrie Sloot

Corrie Sloot

CTO & Co-Founder

Noah Redler

Noah Redler


Contact Us

Join the mPowered data revolution by sending us an email at hello[at]mpowered.io

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